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What does the kind of magnesia chrome brick of industrial supplies have?

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Magnesium chrome brick due to its heat resistance, pressure resistance and other high quality characteristics are widely used in industry, construction industry and other aspects, there are also several different varieties, according to the requirements of different commodities, magnesia chrome brick varieties are mainly three:

Burned magnesia-chrome brick: Burned magnesia-chrome brick is made of high quality magnesia and chromium ore precision ingredients, according to different needs to adjust the content of Cr2O3, commodity thermal stability and low temperature function is good, widely used in cement kilns, nonferrous metallurgy furnace.

Indirect bonded magnesia-chrome brick: Indirect bonded magnesia-chrome brick is made of chromium ore with low impurity content and high quality high purity magnesia as raw materials, which is formed under high pressure and fired at a low temperature above 1 700℃. Low temperature function is good, strong slag corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance of cement clinker. Widely used in nonferrous metallurgy furnace and cement rotary kiln, etc.

Half combining magnesite chrome bricks and combining the magnesite chrome brick combining magnesite chrome bricks and combining the magnesite chrome brick, the partial or full fused sand (fused decomposition sand) as raw materials, precision ingredients, high pressure molding, ultra-low temperature calcination, granule combined with horizontal well, products with high intensity, good firmness, volume is generally applied to RH, VOD and AOD refining outside the furnace installation, non-ferrous metallurgical furnace, etc.

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