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Uses and related properties of magnesia brick

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Chemical composition and mineral composition: magnesium brick


The chemical composition of magnesia brick varies with the magnesia material used. In the mineral composition of magnesia brick, the main crystal is calcite, which accounts for 80%~90% of the mass of magnesia brick. The matrix compounds were magnesium ferrite (MF), magnesium alumina spinel (MA), magnesium olivine (M2S), calcium magnesium olivine and so on. The eutectic compounds composed of main crystal and matrix are M-MF, M-MA, M-M2s, MF-M2s, MF-CMS, MA-M2s, MA-CMS, CMS-M2s, etc.

Because the main crystal of magnesia brick is strongly alkaline calcite, it has high density (about 3.5g/cm3), less moisture, high forming pressure, low apparent porosity (about 19%) and high volume density (up to about 2.8g /cm3). Therefore, multiple mineral composition, strong alkalinity, high density are the significant characteristics of magnesia brick.

Ladle magnesium-carbon brick magnesium-carbon brick uses:

Magnesium brick is widely used in steelmaking furnace lining, ferro-alloy furnace and mixing furnace of iron and steel industry because of its good high temperature performance and strong alkaline slag resistance. Non-ferrous metallurgy industrial furnaces, such as copper smelting, lead, zinc, Sid lining; Lime kilns for building materials industry; Glass industry regenerative chamber lattice and heat exchanger; High temperature calcining kilns, vertical kilns and tunnel kilns in refractory industry.

Classification of magnesia brick:

Magnesium brick is generally divided into two categories: sintered magnesia brick and chemically bonded magnesia brick. Purity and high sintering temperature of magnesia brick, due to the direct contact of magnesite grains, known as direct binding magnesia brick; The brick made from electrofused magnesia is called electrofused rebonded magnesia brick.


Magnesium bricks are even less resistant to hydration at high temperatures. Although the raw materials and products of magnesia brick are calcined at high temperature, they still have hydration properties. So pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof in any case.