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The origin of the new net red - magnesia refractories industry

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What is magnesia?

Magnesium is calcined at high temperature from magnesite, hydromagnesite or magnesium hydroxide extracted from sea water. Magnesia price, magnesium ore and other magnesium raw materials by high temperature treatment to the sintering process of products. With high temperature equipment such as shaft kiln and rotary kiln, one calcination or two step calcination process, with natural magnesite as the raw material of burning magnesia produced by sintering is called sintered magnesia; Magnesite and so on as raw materials by arc furnace melting to melt state formed after cooling known as the extraction of magnesium oxide from sea water is known as seawater magnesia.


Magnesia is one of the most important raw materials of refractory materials, used for manufacturing all kinds of magnesia brick, magnesia aluminum brick, ramming material, filling furnace material, containing more impurities, used for paving the bottom of steelmaking furnace, etc.

High purity magnesite is made by flotation purification of natural super-grade magnesite and calcined by light burning, fine grinding ball and ultra-high temperature oil shaft kiln. It is a high quality raw material for brick refractory materials.

Middle-grade magnesia is made of light burning magnesia with MgO content of 97% by pressing ball and calcining in high temperature shaft kiln. The product has good sintering degree and compact crystal, which is the high quality raw material for producing mid-grade magnesia refractory products.

Melted magnesia is made of fine A-grade natural magnesite or high purity light-fired magnesia particles by melting in an electric arc furnace. The product has the characteristics of high purity, large crystalline particles, compact structure, strong slag resistance and good thermal shock stability. It is an excellent high temperature electrical insulation material, and is also an important raw material for making high-grade magnesium-carbon brick and amorphous refractory.

Raw material for the production of magnesia

Magnesia is the main raw material for the production of magnesia refractories. Magnesia refers to sintered magnesite composed of certain particles. It is made by crushing sintered magnesite. Sintered magnesite can be obtained by calcination of magnesite.

In addition, sintered magnesite can be extracted from sea water, salt lake brine, dolomite, serpentine, and brucite. But so far, China's sintered magnesite is still mainly obtained by calcining natural magnesite, and the salt lake magnesium extraction project is still under construction.